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is anchored in "the new york times" article? >> the accuracy is the secretary of defense and the attorney general did approve a supplemental procedures governing committee patients metadata analysis and 2009. what that allows us to do is use metadata that we have acquired under executive order whether it's phone records or e-mails through u.s. selectors to figure out social networks abroad.
and look at what you have on the defensive side with some of these guys out of the game. akeem dent, paul warlo, those are the guys you're used to making plays on the defensive side. do you think that you can stop -- i'm going to guess legarrette blount, 250 pounds will be in the game. can you stop him from picking up a first down or two? >> al: very much the same issue that they have. they on sided it one time. they got way with it because sudfeld couldn't handle it and it was recovered by nicholas. do they do it again? >> cris: the play i always like to think about here is the little pooch over the top. even if you -- then the ball is bouncing and scrambling, back in this kind of area here. there's opportunities for a crazy hop or two back there. but even if you don't, you don't get it, at least they're backed up some. sort of the halfway house. >> al: they go again. little bouncer. and this time it is new england with michael hoomanawanui coming up with it. wanted to pronounce his name. >> cris: you're worst nightmare that he recovered that ball. hoomanawanui here comes up with a big p
radioactive wastewater leaked from the top of a tank on wednesday. >> they agreed to revise their defense cooperation guidelines for the first time in 17 years. japan's defense and foreign ministers and septuplets secretaries of defense and state held talks in tokyo and signed off on the agreement. the american said their pleased that leaders in to go kro are re-examining whether japanese forces should be allowed to help an ally under attack and glad the japanese are drafting a new national security strategy. the leaders agreed to revise their defense cooperation guidelines to keep their alliance credible in a changing security environment. chinese forms are increasingly active at sea and north korea has updated it's nuclear technologies and missiles. the leaders also agreed to reduce the burden created by the u.s. military presence in the southern japanese prefecture of okinawa and reduce the number of awe spree aircrafts and the number of hours the pilots fly and they'll go ahead with plans to relocate the u.s. marine corps futenma air station within the prefecture. they plan to put the
. joying us to explain what is next is the congressional reporter and a former defense budget chief at the office of management and budget now with american university. welcome back to the program. >> thank you. >> let me start with you. what are the issues and how is this likely to unfold? this crisis is something that's going to be spanning over the coming weeks and months. >> we are just over nine months away, the fiscal cliff and that drama that played out. what we are headed for now, imagine a triple cliff where over the next month to three months, we're going to have at least three big dramatic washington fights. the first, the ongoing show down over what is called a continuing resolution, keep the government funded and a possible government shut down. and come back in mid-october with a fight over the nation's borrowing limit. you think this shut down drama is politically nasty, just wait for the debt ceiling fight. and senate democrats want to then set up a month after that a battle over what's called a mini spending bill that would spend the rest of the fiscal year but they
of these receivers -- >> referee: prior to the pass, holing number 25, defense. five-yard penalty. automatic first down. >> al: that's harrington. we're told the video equipment is now working again. >> cris: so kyle arrington here is doing his best to try and hold up. but you can see it's these sort of quick releases and little picks that are getting these receivers open. but finally these other guys -- in particular, harry douglas starting to have an impact. >> al: jones has come back in and the pass is caught by jones who gets right back in the game and they're saying he was pushed off. >> cris: he absolutely was, absolutely was. >> al: yeah. >> cris: no flag. julio jones is going to extend his arm and push off. great release off the ball. here he is. can't see very well on that side. but you can see the extension right there and what that does to dennard is he can't jump. little late to see it that time. wonder if that -- >> al: i was thinking the same thing. >> cris: if he did, that's out. >> al: too late to challenge. and the pass is caught inside the ten. >> cris: look at that. >> al: gonza
, when holly stopped by the law office where a kindly defense attorney had given him a job and a place to sleep. they shared a bottle of wine, ate some take out. >> we both were a little bit tipsy. after drinking, we ended up having sex and after the sex things got emotional. she started crying. >> what did she say? >> she made some remarks that she wanted it all to go away. she wanted to move out of cleveland. she was regretful for what had taken place. >> narrator: regret? about what? kennedy told the jury that he pushed holly to tell him more. >> but she just told me at that time that she was sorry for what she had done. >> what had she done? >> on her words, was that she had put something in his drink. >> what had she put inside of his drink? >> she didn't tell me. >> did she say what happened to him after putting something inside the drink? >> that he had gotten sick and passed away. >> narrator: it was quite simply, stunning. but, big but, was it true? could the jury really take the word of this eight-time convicted felon? yes, said the prosecution, because of this. >> did you te
of defense, intelligence analysts and other professions are tied to how i and others in the first line of defense do their jobs. maybe a few days or even a week, not much notice, but beyond that it can be quite concerning. >> and some of these agencies we have talked about, very, very large chunks of the working population has been told to stay home. in the nsa, fbi and cia. the civilians in many cases are not coming to work. >> exactly. upwards of 70% of the civilian work force is furlough. you can be rest assured that the public and industry that the first line of defebruariers in terrorism and espionage cases are still being worked. >> people who count on public safety see first of line of defense, right? you see police officers, you see on bigger occasions or where there are terror threats that have escalated you see more of them around, and that's where we get our sense of public safety from. when it comes to the intelligence community, whether it's cyber or anti-terrorism stuff, that's sort of full-time work. >> that's absolutely right. you see the first line of defenders like to
called 911 expecting to get him. he heard this. >> >> the dispatcher in defense of her, you can hear the laughing in the background. it doesn't appear the phone call but something in the background took her attention away. and pima county has 400,000 calls a year and listen to their response. >> we did not performat the level i expect or is thes of the county should expect. we'll correct that. i can understand why the caller was upset with that, i would be upset, too. >> the girlfriend is recovering from the burning and he would call back and talk to a dispatcher a second time. help was already underway. the dispatcher was not relieved of her duties. it is obvious she was trying to keep straight there but the laugher took her away and that is the last thing you want to hear and dealing with a serious situation and someone laughing. it is one of those situations that caught people's ors and upset them as well. pima county is taking it very seriously and we'll have the results of their investigation when it comes down. >> adam houseley, it sounds like she was laughing at something coll
american defenses. most such as they were were of the canadian frontier. so the defense of the capital the entire region fell to local militia units. they were not particularly well-trained. some gentlemen who were more interested in the uniforms other than real fighting and for the most part these militia were very uneasy about leaving the homes of unguarded while coburn would launch raids on plantations up and down the water raised of virginia and maryland. april 1814 the whole face of the war suddenly changes because napoleon advocates across the atlantic ocean. said of the the troops of the duke of wellington's army are suddenly free to be sent to the united states to put an end to the war and coburn had a force of 4,000 troops to send to the chesapeake region. they render the command of british general robert ross. one of wellington's finest officers but not a rash officer in would not just plop his men down on the shore and attack the capital what was coming to be a large power. a country of 10 million he had a small force and to capture the capital it struck him as bizarre a and
such as museums and national parks had to close. but services that would have an immediate impact, such as defense, disaster response, and health care, would continue under plans that are currently being studied. >>> people in northwestern pakistan are starting off the week in mourning. a car bomb blew up in a busy market, killing 40 people and wounding 85 others. the car was packed with explosives and parked in front of a police station in the city of peshawar. many people were shopping in the area at the time. security personnel say islamist extremists are responsible. the attack follows a series of bombings in the city that left more than 100 people dead. prime minister sharif has called for the restoration of security through dialogue with the pakistani taliban and other islamist extremists but there's been no letup in attacks more than three months since he took office. >>> another powerful earthquake has shaken residents of a remote part of southwestern pakistan. the magnitude 6.8 quake killed at least 15 people. it happened on saturday in the province of bluuchistan. seismologists consider
an effort to take the temperature of public defense across the country and i visited a lot of public defenders offices, watched a lot of trials and discovered that there was a crisis in the court's that probably all of you are well aware of and really tried to dig in and find out what was going on and where all these problems were arising that we didn't have equal justice 50 years after gideon. what i would like to do is read a little section of the book first and talk for a few minutes and read a brief section. so, the section i'm going to read is in the conclusion because it's about public defenders in a conference i went to with public defenders since i thought there were probably quite a few of you in the audience, you might find it musing. i don't know. the national defenders association opened the conference in washington dc in 2011 addressed the crowd of 300 public defenders with a room with space for many more. does society demonize you? of course. do they suggest you are working for the wrong people? of course they do do they suggest you are work for thugs? of course the
peninsula. >> she will secure preemptive strike capabilities for defensive purposes and launch her country's own missile defense system. north korea carried out combustion tests for an engine that experts say is used for a long range missile. the morning is also suspected of restarting an experimental nuclear reactor. the prime minister of israel is urging the u.s. and other nations to keep up the pressure on iran. benjamin netanyahu says they shouldn't lift sanctions until iranian leaders completely abandon their nuclear development program. >> a wolf in sheep's clothing. a wolf who thinks he can pull the wool over the eyes of the international community. >> netanyahu accused rowhani of pushing to build a nuclear weapon. rowhani's goal is the same as mahmoud ahmadinejad. the only way to peacefully deter iran is to deter sanctions with a credible military threat. a representative for the iranian u.n. delegation rejected netanyahu's accusations. unlike israel, iran would not attack another nation. >> they are the greatest threat to the security. >> israel should not even think about attacki
or heard it often the news. he seemed confident that it was self defense and he'd be coming through it okay. i don't know the back story so i can't say. >> reporter: michael montgomery's father said the same thing. after speaking with his son it appears to be self defense. that's still up in the air t.district attorney wanted to make it clear that montgomery could be arrested again once they're able to compile their investigation. if they do come to the conclusion that there is enough evidence and they can prosecute then they will do so. >>> a story only on kron 4, the district attorney's office chargeed the man shown in this instagram video, he's hit the puppy with a belt to discipline the dog. lovie, seen in the video and the family's o're dog, are staying at an animal shelter. they'll remain there during investigation. daniels and the family say it's a brig misunderstanding. >>> police say today the santa clara high school teacher accused of sex crimes admitted to an affair with a 17-year-old student. the teacher is facing multiple charges. sexual encounters occurred in his car and the t
civilian defense department employees of possible furloughs starting today. in all about 3- point 3 million people are employed by the government... of those about 783 thousand government employees will stay home. some of the agencies that will feel the impact the most.... 50 percent of the defense department's 800 thousand employees are considered non-essential. 80 percent of the treasury department's 112 thousand employees are also considered non-essential as are 81 percent of those with the department of the interior national park workers are also non- essential. and the majority of the environmental protection agency regulators - non essential. if the government shuts down my wife doesn't go to work and she had 10 furlough days because of sequester already this year. people who work at home are also deemed non-essential by the government. the beginning of october also brings new gun laws to maryland. they ban 45 so- called "assault- style" weapons... including the ar-15 and ak-47. gun shops saw an extra rush of people trying to pick up the weapons yesterday before the laws went into eff
have been diversifying their alliances. the maritime self-defense force are currently making their first call at a myanmar port near the largest city, yang on. three japanese vessels are on a worldwide training cruise. the port in myanmar is the 17th out of 18 that they are scheduled to visit. rear admiral said japan's maritime self-defense force with myanmar if the other side was agreeable. >> translator: this port call marks the start of a new level of defense exchange between japan and myanmar. >> myanmar's former regime maintains strong, economic links with china since the 2011 transition toward civilian rule. myanmar has pursued a more diverse policy. in february, myanmar participated for the first time as an observer at the multinational exercises hosted by the u.s. and thailand. myanmar has also been strengthening security relationships with european countries and other asean members. >>> that wraps up our bulletin in bangkok. >>> toshiba plans to scale down overseas tv production. the electronics maker is struggling to compete with south korea and other foreign manufa
demonstrations and u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel is the guest of honor and it's a show of force to north korea as the neighbor continues its suspected nuclear weapons program. and they are watching the parade in seoul. >> every five years south korea marks the day with a large milita military parade and 11,000 troops and more than one hundred aircraft involved and it's very much a demonstration and the current capabilities particularly with regard to the threat of nuclear weapons from north korea and they made it very clear at the speech at the ceremony earlier on saying in the future south korea would have a kill chain, a way of preempting a strike and striking it on the launch pad if it were detected ahead of time and an air missile defense system to protect south korea in the event of such a launch. we have seen unveiled publically for the first time a domestically south korean cruise missile which would be part of the kill chain process. but as well as the military hardware that is on display and what south korea relies on is the u.s. alliance and 28,000 u.s. troops in south korea an
of security. u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel attended the event along with the south korea president. >>translator: we have to build strong deterrents against north korea until the north abandons the nuclear program and makes the right choice for people of north korea and peace along the peninsula. >> she says she will secure strike cape kts for defensive purpose sps launch her own country's missile system. they recently carried out a come bust test used for long range missile. north is thought to be restarting a nuclear reactor. rvelths japanese and u.n. and foreign defense meet to discuss meet cooperation in light of china expansion. the two plus two meeting includes chuck hagel, u.s. secretary of state john kerry and their counter parts defense minister and foreign minister. security in east say sha is high on the agenda. discussions include revisions on united states japan cooperation guidelines. japanese officials want china to help maintain security in the region. they want china to abide by international rules and keep the military budget transparent. they say the senkakus isl
is reduced cyber security staff across federal agencies. the cia and other likely targets such as the defense department has fewer eyes on their computer networks. as jim explains, that means more vulnerabilities. >> reporter: the government may be shut down for you and me but for cyber attackers it is open, even more open for business. adversaries from foreign governments to terror groups as the former head of the cia are almost certainly looking to take advantage. >> i would have been anticipating this. i would have been saying what is it that we want to do against this adversary that's against us now, what is it that would be helped by doing it while they're shorthanded? what gives us a higher probability of success? >> reporter: many government agencies cyber teams are relying on skeleton crews to police attacks in cyberspace. and successful attack now could do damage even after full staffs return to work. a cyber security expert who advices agencies across the government explained how. >> what may happen as a result of the shut down is that first incident which may have been detected pre
. and finally, defense spending. we spend more than the next 26 countries combined, 25 of whom are our allies. let's cut defense spending a little bit. stay out of wars and we'll have more than enough money to insure everybody in this nation of health care. >> your response? >> i was reluctantly for the sequester because it would cut defense spending. the reason it should be cut we probably don't have all that similar views. i think we can agree that there is an enormous blow to bureaucracy. here's what happens, the defense industry is smart. they have huge numbers of the district congress people. they don't get cut. the generals go and tell the president, no mat here the general is, if you don't put this weapon system in, we could get blown up by xyz. what president would say i don't believe you. so yeah. >> is this a declaration? >> no. i would say i don't believe that. >> i think they need to be you said the same budgetary constraints as e else. i'm perfectly happy to let them pick out the waste but there is waste. >> i want to talk about a pretty incredible moment that was caught on open
marriage are focussing their efforts there. it hasn't been long since supreme court turned defense of marriage act. they are planning to do the same in virginia. >> this is a matter of critical importance to gay and lesbian citizens around this country. critical importance to the children they are raising. it is also critical importance to every citizen of this country who cares about equality. >> reporter: to overturn virginia's constitutional amendment, general assembly would have to vote twice separated by an election. still ahead on news edge, how local police departments train their k9 squads. the best of the best are in our area, stay with us.  >> this week police from all over the country are bringing more than 100 of the best k9 officers to southern maryland. fox 5 holly morris shows us what it takes to be the top dog in law enforcement. >> reporter: you are watching one of the top k9 teams in all of north america. that is who is in charles county competing for title of "top dog" so to speak as the united states k9 association is hosting its national field tria
. >> referee: personal foul. unnecessary roughness. number 50. defense. half the distance to the goal. automatic first down. >> verne: that is on cody vereen. >> gary: right. >> verne: true freshman. >> gary: verne, how about this for georgia. their season ended on the five yard line against alabama, and their season hangs in the balance on the five yard line right here. >> verne: again, it's conley in the slot. >> verne: murray. goes into the end zone. flag. i thought it might be thrown. >> gary: interference. >> verne: justin coleman battling rantavious wooten. >> gary: here is the problem. you really can't run the ball. if you run it and you don't make it, the game is going to be over. >> referee: pass interference. number 27. defense. the foul took place in the end zone. therefore, the ball will be placed at the two yard line. first down. >> gary: i do not think time is a factor. i think they can get into the end zone. incomplete. intended for mcgowan. obviously. >> verne: chris conley this time is the wide receiver. murray saying, "hurry up." into the end zone. incomplete. intend
. rattle pinkston joins us from capitol hill to explain why workers at the defense department are going back to work. >> jonathan, this is pretty significant news. chuck hagel says that most of the 400,000 civilian defense department workers will be recalled under the authority of the pay our military act. this was the law passed shortly after the government shutdown began which excludes active duty military from the shutdown. now, secretary hagel is saying some civilian employees will also be included. he points out on legal guidance with the department of justice as well as lawyers of the defense department that this is not a blanket recall, only certain categories of the civil january defense work -- civilian employe employees. specifically those who con tribute to the morale, wellbeing, capabilities and redness of the u.s. military, hagel saying that determination will be made by managers an that the employees will be getting their notifications over the weekend. so, a huge move on the part of the defense department to call back a lot of the civilian work force which, by the way, am
. another one. that was number five. alonso with the interception. a good day to have the defense for the fantasy team. the buffalo hangs on for 23-20 victory. the ball 200 yards in the second half. if i do not throw picks, the game probably would have 300 -- we would have scored touchdowns. >> that will be an issue. 85 wins. 35, the best division in baseball. , 295.t the red sox check that. 4-0, 5-0. all the way back. jj. knocked out. for thely, a 75 lead orioles. jim johnson gets out of it, 5, 4, three. he wins it by a final 7-6. henderson alvarez. he had a memorable final start to the season. rick grounds out. look athat. the problem is, no scoring in the game. he still needs offense. a walkoff wild pitch for a no- hitter. alvarez gets it. it seems funny maryland destroyed west virginia eight days ago, 30 7-0. still could not get the top 25. 11th rank. pretty good. maryland had all three. into the top hot -- 25, at 25. first time since the 2010 maryland season. florida state. a great challenge. the top 25. .iles to monster, welcoming he has a car in his hand. jimmie johnson win
. they planned on a running defense, and it was the worst in history. they ran the ball 9 times. they had problems with interceptions. joe flacco struggled. there were more to come. the bills converted it into a touchdown into the ravens defense. they hadn't allowed a touchdown in 2 straight games. they trailed by 13 at half. tory smith, 166 receiving yards. they were down by 3 with a minute to go with a tying fieldgoal and flacco's pass deflected. it is a tough loss on the field. 23-20. >> yeah, we have young guys, and we will get better and like i said a lot of that is just throwing balls to the wrong team. if we don't do that, this game would probably be different. >> they play the dolphins in miami. they will meet with the media today and answer questions after that tough loss in buffalo. >>> now our coverage continues at cbs you said stop the belly aching. >> reporter: that's for sure. fans are hanging their heads. our fan cam question, what upset you the most about the loss to the bills? >> getting only 2, 3 in the second half. >> i was so upset. the receivers have to
is a friend of the bryans and prominent oklahoma defense attorney. he says the case against his client becky doesn't add up. >> you believe an innocent woman is sitting behind bars? >> sure, sure. she had a lot of bad circumstances, but i do believe somebody shot keith and ran from that house. >> reporter :her attorney says there was a rush to judgment against becky and as a result the state just didn't have the proof to back up the charge. >> i do believe that law enforcement agencies in this day and age have the ability to do a lot of things that were not done in this case. i don't believe they ever looked for anyone, which was a huge part of our defense. >> he is in a little itty bitty pickup going down my street. >> you know becky probably better than anyone else. when you listen to that 911 call, you believe becky is being truthful in. >> yeah, i really do, and it is because she was a very detailed person. she is not being panicky, she's trying to describe, she's trying to think through the process, she's very analytical. >> reporter: in early may, 19 long months after that awful night,
of representatives passed legislation to fully fund the department of defense. in the first week of june, the house of representatives passed ourslation to fully fund department of veterans affairs and military construction requirements of our men and women in uniform around the world. we also made sure in the first month of the summer that the house of representatives passed legislation to fully fund the department of homeland security and sent that to the senate as well. we have even passed an appropriations bill to fund the departments of the government that operate -- that are responsible for the department of energy and water and that legislation was passed out of the house this summer and sent to the senate. it is common courtesy and just common sense that where you have disagreement, you sit down and work it out. if you've got serious disagreements, you again find those areas where you can -- both sides -- agree there is common ground and put those behind us. what better place to start, mr. speaker, then with the veterans who have served our nation in defense of our freedom and make it possi
's the order from the defense secretary to nearly 400,000 civilian employees worldwide. on saturday chuck hagel announced that thanks to a law that will guarantee u.s. troops are paid during the partial government shutdown the pentagon can eliminate furloughs who contribute to the moral, well being and capability of service members. some of that is in the base or commisary. the shutdown forced commisaries to close, ruining thousands of family budgets. >> i would say it's ridiculous that you take it away from the people fighting for your country. like that's just ridiculous. >> with the pentagon staff recall, hundreds of thousands of federal workers are in limbo. at the johnson space center in houston, those assigned to mission control are on the job. others wonder what will happen to them and their families if congress and the white house don't strike a deal on a new budget soon. >> i think they are playing chicken with our lives. we've been through a pay freeze, and now this. i've had enough. >> meantime the wt and republicans and -- the president and republican and congress spent saturday poi
kansas state. and the oklahoma state defense proves to be the key elements. and then not even just staying in game but coming up with a big win at home. >> rob: the third quarter, the ho offense had 23 yards of offense. the oklahoma state offense managed to keep them close. >> bob: j.w. walsh makes it official. and oklahoma state survived at home against kansas state. and two smart admirable coaches and two teams that played awfully hard. >> quint: coach, a game that featured seven lead changes. what ultimately made the difference? >> obviously, our defense at the end really rose to the occasion. we've been in these situations before and not got a stop. we had turnovers. our defense forced turnovers. we recovered in our kicking game. our kicker did a nice job after a terrible week last week. >> quint: why were you able to force second half five turnovers? >> well, i think we disguised our coverages. i think we were getting a little pressure there at the end. but for the most part, looked like we had good anticipation on the defense and in the right position. >> quint: this is a cri
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this quarter, defense stocks hit historic highs and the retail sector also hit an historic high. i just want to update you on the s.e.c. comment i gave you earlier. several big ipos this week and i asked the s.e.c. is there going to be a problem getting them out. this is their response. the s.e.c. will be able to stay open in the event a funding lapse because we have carryover funds available, although it is not clear how many carryover funds they have or how long they can last at this point. for the moment, though, we've got three big ones tomorrow. burlington, remax and empire realty all pricing tomorrow night. back to you. >> all right, bob, thanks so much. so which sectors and stocks won and lost big this quarter? dominic chu has that covered for us. >> september is done and that means we've drawn that to a close here for the third quarter. here the reset on the big winners and losers in that third quarter. first we'll look at the sector level. like bob just said some of the best performing sectors were the material stocks actually. as a group those stocks were up close to 10% on the qua
their first line of defense is going to be. and they will have until monday, according to greek law, to present themselves to the judge and presents that first line of defense. that period of 48 hours from their arrest warrant can be extended and there are reports now that they have asked it to be extended to tuesday and possibly wednesday, but we haven't been able to confirm that. in any case, though, they will be furiously repairing their legal defense with their lawyers. >> john, you say a number of people are still yet to be detained. so what's likely to lap to all of them once they have all been detained by the police? >> reporter: one they are detained and charged they all have 48 hours and slightly longer perhaps, to appear before the judge and present what their defense will be. then greek law allows the authorities to keep them in pretrial custody for up to 18 months, i don't think that will happen in this case. the next stage after that will be the trial. and this trial is going to be one with serious charges. according to early leaked reports of the 9-page indictment agai
their defense with their lawyers. they have a statutory period of 48 hours to repurchas prepare tt line of defense before appearing before a judge but that may be extends today as many as four days, the 12 who remain to be arrested like those in custody already face very serious charges. they include man slaughter for what we are hearing 10 killings, they are facing racketeering charges as a party and money laundering charges a as well. most of the people are from athens. however, six of the people who -- for whom there are arrest warrants golden dawn members of parliament, and two are members of the police force. one of them who turned herself in yesterday, her house was searched and weapons were found, including rival rounds, knuckle dusters and knives and so on. this entire group of people, they will take a few days to go processed legally to meet with their lawyers, to prepare their defenses, and then at some point in the next few days they will have to appear before a judge to presents their first defense and then they will have to await trial which may be a matter of weeks or even
with the military. the defense company said it will furlough 3,000 workers starting monday. the company said many of those employees can't work because their offices are located in government buildings that are now closed and some of their work also requires government inspection. the number of furloughed workers will increase each week if the shutdown continues. >> in prince george's county, the friendly face-off that will have police and fires looking to settle a score. >> and the building helping police respond to any situation. we have an inside look. >> while we're on air, we're always online. join the conversation. join the conversation. all you have to do is search announcer: see yourself at tasc, helping to create a safer world for our future leaders and for everyone. see yourself designing the next vital solution to get ahead of evolving cybersecurity threats. see yourself at tasc, creating integrated intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance solutions that deliver information where, when, and how it is needed. see yourself advancing homeland security efforts to protect americans at
-sentinel that his son acted in self-defense. that prompted the district attorney to seek additional independence witnesses before filing charges. montgomery was released late friday night and returned to lodi. his release apparently upset denver's family and they quickly put together this news conference. >> i believe someone may have videotaped the incident and can help us discover the truth. >> reporter: preece says he was with his son the whole time, including the time of the confrontation and gave police his statement. when asked about montgomery's claim of self-defense, he deferred to his sister. >> what we want to say about the allegations regarding self-defense, that's why we're here today. we're looking for the public's help. we have reason to believe somebody may have videotaped it or witnessed it and we need those people to come forward and talk to the police. >> neither the district attorney's office nor the police department today responded to our request for additional information. reporting live in san francisco, don knapp, kpix 5. >>> injured fan brian stowe attended tonight's gam
investigation. there is an old party committee and joint committee effectively of defense and foreign relations and administration in national security all parties there and they want to get on the ground because no one independently has seen what is going on there, the massive forensic operation and what you cannot see behind me is the area that is effectively destroyed, we are not sure if it's by security forces or by the attackers, but three floors the collapsed and that is the situation now and they want to get in there and see for themselves and then they want to put -- grill him but the defense minister and anyone involved in national security in kenya. >> reporter: and many questions remain over the siege because the government is not yet anyway saying much. two big issues of course, two big questions, many people want to know are the attackers still out there and how many civilians are lying dead under the three floors that collapsed that you just mentioned? >> the honest truth i can't answer that accurately. no one it seems other than the government is putting out figures that people
bilateral relations. pak met u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel in seoul. she said south korea and japan had been unable to build trust because of unwelcome remarks by japanese leaders over historical and territorial issues. pak and shinzo abe have not held talks since taking office. they exchanged simple greetings at the g-20 summit in russia in september. south korea and japan are at odds over disputed islands and the legacy of japan's colonial rule over the korean peninsula. >>> air pollution in china has gotten worse. hazy skies were a seasonal phenomenon more common in winter, but these days pollution has become a problem in autumn as well. beijing >> reporter: skies over beijing are usually clean and blue this time of year, but not in autumn. a cloud of pollution has hung over the city for several days. this is central beijing. the air around here is so hazy that some cars have their headlights on, even though it's still daytime. emissions and cars include tiny household particles known as pm-2.5. levels of the pollutant on monday were from three to nine times higher than the world hea
a defense attorney and spent 20 years advocating for it and it finally passed in 1920. how do public defenders contribute to their anonymity. >> i'm not surprised it was a woman. but i think that much like me, the population that is served by public defender lawyers is so invisible without a lot of political power, but you add to that, public defenders, i'm going to grossly generalized, so here i go, as a group, wrap, i think in a zelous representation, they tend to be not as open to the public and media. it's very hard to trust that somebody will represent your story well. i really encourage you to do what karen does which is let people see what you do. trust them to tell the story because they will see it. they see it in this film which every time i see it i think it doesn't go far enough, i didn't show enough, i didn't do it and people are moved by the story of people fighting for people. everybody reacts and responds to that. i think we need more access to your stories. i this i they are the greatest hero stories. the only thing i disagree with karen is my lawyers are super heroe
if the president will attend the a.p.e.c. as scheduled. the the defense chiefs of the united states and south korea have agreed to launch a preemptive strike if they find definite signs that north korea is about to use nuclear weapons. u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel met with south korean defense minister kim kwan-jin in seoul. they discussed how to deal with the north's nuclear threats. south korean officials said the two agreed to strike north korea to prevent a nuclear attack. >> north korea's policies and provocations pose a serious threat to regional stability and global security. >> the united states raised its alert level against north korea after it launched a rocket in december and conducted its third nuclear test in february. the u.s. government now regards the northeat to the u.s. mainland. >>> chinese state-run media has shown footage of a military drone the country claims is the one of the world's most advanced. the report comes as neighboring countries heighten alert over military activities. china central television broadcast video of the drone in flight. an engineer involved in i
from park rangers that would be at that memorial to defense department contractors overall more than $300 million a day is being lost in taxes in cities and states because of this shutdown. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >>> hyundai is offering a deeper discount of payments for federal workers. if they are affected by the shutdown hyundai owners could stop making car payments for as long as the shutdown keeps them out of work. the company is also running an october promotion that would allow furloughed federal employees to buy or lease a new hyundai and not make the payments for three months. >>> we've already seen the effects of the partial government shutdown. national parks are among the first places hit. visitors to the arcadia national park in maine saw the sign reading "congress you suck." >>> the shutdown impacts sporting events for this weekend. the department of defense now says all intercollegiate eighth lettic -- athletic competitions at service academies will be cancelled. >>> by this afternoon you should be able to access the web site allowing marylanders to choose heal
them in their homes for self-defense. the home defense argument was used in an effort ebb join the state from for bid thing sale from large ammunition clips. another attorney claimed that the new licensing procedures amounted to a de facto more tore judge -- moratorium. she ruled there's a strong public interest in upholding the laws to prevent tragedies. the judge said no to a temporary restraining order. >> this law is constitutional. it will save lives keep guns out of the hands of criminals and others without infringing on the second amendment rights. >> the fat lady hasn't sung. >> advocate for the n.r.a. is correct. although the judge said no to the temporary restraining order that does not dismiss the lawsuits. further arguments will be scheduled but for now maryland's tough new gun law remains in effect. john hanrahan fox 5 news. >> coming up tonight exercise versus drugs going head to head to treat heart disease. guess which one won? we have the answers ahead tonight. a look into the future. how about self-driving cars and appliances that talk to you? sue. >> i think t
on defense, although things starting to look up. pierre garcon have caught a td pass. raiders jumping out 14-0 after one period. if you are keeping score, the skins have been outscored in the first quarter. it's been a tough one to watch, quite frankly. neither defense has been grade. we'll have highlights for you tonight at 11:00, butts 17-14, so that is something to hang your hat object. redskins with the lead by three. >>> let's move on to other members of the nfc. giants-chiefs. tom coughlin has to be wondering what the heck have i gotten myself bay? alan smith to shawn mcgrath right down the center. big mac carving up the giants' d. 111st downs. giants 0-4 for the first time since 1987. they lose 31-1 as the red rockers just rolling this afternoon. >>> all right, of course, the seahawks the most impressive team of the first quarter this season, but houston up 20-3 until matt schaub throws this one to richard sherman to it. in overtime, steven haws could. seattle, happy dude. they win. >>> we talk about parity every year in the nfl. example, baltimore ravens versus rookie quarterback ver
, with fixodent. the adhesive helps create a food seal defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ fixodent, and forget it. the government shut down is bad news for people in a hurry to buy a home. you might not be able to get a mortgage and close a deal. the faa that insures mortgages. if congress fails to raise the debt ceiling by october 17th and the u.s. defaults we could see mortgage rates rise sharply and home prices drop big time. fannie mae offering forbearance for some homeowners were not able to make their schedules mortgage payment. the mortgage giant also said banks and other mortgage businesses must continue reporting what is going on at the credit bureaus. markets reacting negatively at this first government shut down in 17 years. along the shut down here in the unite21the longer shut down here in the united states lasted 21 days. because of the government shut down its seems to be all we are talking about the labor department's monthly jobs report might be delayed. instead we're looking at a private report released earlier this morning. private employers
to the u- s constitution. <(shomo) "there is an affirmed right to self defense using a firearm and i understand social policy considerations that people have, i understand the opinions that folks may have contrary to that social policy, but whenever we get close to a fundamental right, you really have to tread carefully."> friday, a second lawsuit was filed, calling a requirement that handgun buyers obtain a license is a violation of the second amendment. governor o'malley says he is confident the law will be upheld. washington is racing toward a crisis tonight. the government will shutdown in 48-hours if congress can't come to terms.... as scott thompson explains, house democrats say they're getting a case of deja vu from their republican counterparts. at high noon saturday, house speaker boehner met with members of his party trying to hammer out a deal to keep the government running. friday's senate passed bill funds the government and obamacare --- many republicans are opposed to obamacare, but the democratic senate says its time to move on. obamacare has been the law for 4 year-
closings are likely to take place. the defense department hass suspended athletic competitionsp at the nation service academies. the naval academy, by the way, says it will cancel games as appropriate.ate. and of course, you can learncan more at our website at including how theow shutdown is prompting manyny businesses to offer discounts, c and free stuff. so matt, one silver lining there. >> will thomas in our on on newsroom tonight on. >>> imagine traveling across tho country to visit one of d.c. most sacred memorials only to hear that it is closed. cl that almost happened for many world war ii veterans today. this was the world war ii memorial this morning. it was barricaded off with fencing and yellow tape, but just as a group from mississippi, some veterans arrived this morning, severalin members of congress were there to demand that the memorial bema open and the national parkonal service opened up the gates. >> this is the last thing i expected it to be closed for no reason to close this. >> the world war ii memorial was closed again this afternoon, we are tol
. >> in france, the defense minister has announced the closure of a number of military bases, the latest step toward implementing sharp cutbacks in the french defense budget. eduardo, these cuts being announced today come on top of other major reductions in the military over the past several years, and they have caused much discontent within the defense establishment itself. >> yes, they do. he after a number of years of very deep cuts and the military establishment feels they are being made to bear the burden unfairly of the overall cuts that france, and other european countries, are being forced to make because of the crisis in the eurozone. there is a group of officers former officers remaining anonymous, but they have created an manifesto for saving our military, as they call it, and they say simply that the french military is the victim of a demolition -- that is their words -- by the government. there is a lot of discontent. the cuts are very deep. for example, more than 23,000 jobs will be cut in the next three years, in addition to the 54,000 that have been cut since 2008. the budget
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